Who am I?

Quite the Character!

Accountant by profession. Entrepreneur by choice. Wife, mother, daughter, sister. Girl at heart. Humor and love are at the center of everything I do!

Hola there! This is my second life in the blogging world, after more than a decade of silence!
I am a xennial, a mom of 2 adorably hyperactive girls A and D, and a black lab, who has all of the family’s attention. Married to The Tall One and living a peaceful life in Hyderabad. Having grown up in different parts of India, I manage to annoy people in multiple languages, just as I do with my singing! Life’s like a song and a dance, except when it’s not, and I’ve decided to express my opinions along the journey.
What do I like? 
Almost everything -but here’s a few – reading, singing, dancing, baking, writing, shopping, watching movies, listening to music, meeting people and drinking coffee.

Now on a new journey of self discovery and open to speak, discuss, share and learn. Read on, share, subscribe and do tell if you like!